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DraftKings Review

Draftkings Review

DraftKings is the Co-King of our industry. Along with Fanduel of course.. The founders left excellent careers and lots of money behind when they decided in 2012 to pursue the Daily Fantasy site full-time. And safe to say, It’s paid off. Disney just invested 250 million dollars! This coming shortly after the MLB partnered with the mega DFS site. DraftKings offers Daily Fantasy users an excellent experience in almost all ways. Excellent freerolls, bonuses and guaranteed prizepools, DraftKings knows how to attract the Daily Fantasy Grinder. They are very well known in the poker community and everyone has nothing but the best to say about DraftKings. One personal (and from what I hear, universally) favorite things about DK is the ability to late player swap. DraftKings generally offers the largest Same Day Fantasy Sports tournaments in the world.

Game Offerings

DraftKings hosts daily fantasy games for Major League Baseball, NBA, NFL, Hockey etc. With huge GPPs available for each of these styles and some fun scoring systems, they have made an immediate imprint on the daily fantasy market.

For NFL action, DraftKings hosts a series of huge GPPs each week as part of their $1,000,000 Chase for the Crown event which is a season long points race where the best player of the entire year receives tickets to the SuperBowl! More details shown in the bonuses and promotions section of this DraftKings review. They also offer head-to-head, 5-man, 10-man and many other leagues throughout football season for the same buy-in levels as MLB.

DraftKings offers MLB Salary Cap games at a buy-in range of free, all the way up to $530. They have a variety of league sizes: heads-up, five-man, ten-man and ‘Tournaments’. If DraftKings current guaranteed prize-pool tournaments are any indication of what’s to come, then we should be in store for some nice promos in the future.


You can jump in at Step 1 for $2.00 and work your way to the top to win $1,000 CASH. Steps tournaments are a 6-level series of contests with continually higher buy-ins, peaking with huge cash prizes at the last step. The goal is to advance at each step by winning a ticket to the next level. No need to worry about advancing on your first attempt, as contests also award retry tickets and contests at each step run every day! For the impatient, you can simply buy in directly to any step so you don’t have to start at the bottom.

DraftKings launched with a large in-house team consisting of developers, and it shows in their work. The site is as intuitive as it gets, and I’ve yet to experience a single bug or glitch while playing. While well-organized and crisp in design, there are a few features omitted from the experience that leave something left to be desired.

Live Scoring was seamless, though could use more displayed information, and the lineup building process was efficient and a fun experience. All in all, the site interface gives off the feel of enormous potential. They also offer import and export lineup options as well as the ability to “multi-team edit” where you can quickly view all of the players you selected across all lineups and efficiently replace one player in all lineups.

Their player profile pages are some of the coolest available in daily fantasy.

DraftKings also has an impressive mobile experience where you can easily login, join leagues, see your results and edit lineups all from your mobile device. With all of their sports, users are given an opportunity to edit their players who have not taken the field yet up until their individual kickoffs, so the ability to change out a player on your mobile device is perfect!

Rosters, Rules and Scoring

DraftKings’ roster, rules and scoring settings are pretty standard. Sure the numbers are higher than you’re used to, but it makes for an easier viewer-experience for most to calculate their player’s scores in their heads.

DraftKings offers a100% Deposit Bonus up to $600! If you’re an online poker player, this bonus might look familiar. We haven’t seen anything this big in Daily Fantasy yet, and in my opinion this is the BEST deposit bonus seen to date in the Daily Fantasy realm. The bonus will release at a rate of 4%, but it’s tough to overlook the long-term value here.

Daily and Weekly Freerolls

As if the deposit bonus isn’t enough to lure you in, DraftKings also offers a daily freeroll as well as a huge weekly freeroll to reward their players.

It’s worth noting that the bonus is paid out in DraftKing Dollars, which cannot be instantly withdrawn, but other than that act as normal cash on DraftKings. If a player wins a contest while using DK Dollars they will be paid in real cash. While it might seem like a hassle, it really isn’t bad. The DraftKing Dollars will be distributed over time, essentially providing you with a steady source of free entries.


Here is a chart of their rake for Heads-Up Games:

$2.00 10%
$5.00 10%
$10.00 10%
$22.00 10%
$55.00 9.09%
$109.00 8.26%
$215.00 6.98%
$530.00 5.66%


With DraftKings corporate background and venture capital, their cashier comes with credibility. This is noteworthy for any site you want to trust your money with. After that, they deliver on all cashier aspects you are looking for in your site. PayPal is accepted, checks are allowed, and they take pride in swift payouts! There is a $5 minimum deposit and no maximum withdrawal. They also guarantee that all withdrawals will be processed within 2 business days!!!!

Baseball Scoring

Single 1 pt Win 1.5 pts
Double 2 pts Loss L .75 pts
Triple 3 pts IP .9 pts
Home Run 4 pts Strikeout (K) .7 pts
Run 1.5 pts Walk 0 pt
RBI 1.5 pts Hit 0 pt
Walk .75 pts HBP -.25 pts
HBP .75 pts Complete Game 1 pt
Stolen Base 2 pts Earned Run -.75 pts
Caught Stealing -1 pt Shutout 0 pt
Out -.25 pts No Hitter 0 pt
Strikeout -.25 pts Perfect Game 0 pt
Sacrifice .75 pts