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Our Projections

In addition to our partner projections from SaberSim, we offer two distinct projection sets.  Each are custom weighted projections—including fantasy points & ownership—back tested for historical accuracy and weighted by our pros “Sheets” and “Goldy.”
We also provide a custom metric called Sheets Value Score which attempts to normalize the raw fantasy point projection with salary, thereby scaling the player pool to surface the best price-adjusted values.
    • Inherent in a projection calculation is accuracy variance.  The projections are naturally subject to the statistical biases that accompany the production method, which is to say there are many factors contributing to the calculation and each of them influences the resultant projection.
    • Back testing and weighting our projections serves to reduce the “noise”.  We constantly refine our projection method by grading ourselves and correcting inaccuracies from historical performance.
    • This method helps to reduce calculation variance, but we also backtest the data for accuracy, further flattening the effect any statistical outlier from any previous projection may have.
    • The result?  A projection system that is more accurate each day.