Introduction to DFS

Welcome to the world of daily fantasy sports!

While luck may always be involved, daily fantasy sports are a game of skill, and a game you can always improve at.

No reason to be intimidated though.  We got you covered.

Every game consists of many variables. Breaking down these variables is the heart of what we do here at TrueDFS.

Take a look at some basic tips that will help get you started and ready to dominate the Daily Fantasy Sports world in no time. Lets Get Started:

Walk before you run

Be careful at first. Play the smaller buy in or free tournaments.

One great thing about most of the major Daily Fantasy Sports sites is that you can win money and build your bankroll by playing one on one matches or tournaments that cost nothing to enter.

The sites all vary with the different freerolls they offer but they all do a good job explaining how to play for money without risking a penny.

Use the resources available to you

TrueDFS will give you everything from general tips to specific pick recommendations every day. In addition you can read up to date player news, matchup breakdowns, injury reports, view projected starters, weather conditions, etc.

Research Injuries

Injuries have a huge effect on the strategy in Daily Fantasy Sports. Injuries usually create situations where a player with a cheaper cost steps into starter’s minutes for a limited period of time. This creates a lot of value for this player.

Look at cost differences between sites

Each Daily Fantasy site independently sets the salary costs for individual players and your total team salary cap. Each site also independently chooses their own rules and rosters, sometimes leading to different position and roster dynamics.

Research…the Weather?

In MLB, this is crucial!

Games are regularly postponed due to weather. Most inexperienced players overlook something as simple as checking the weather, and it really costs them.

Prize Pool Value:

Finally, if you want to be a long-term winning player, you need to pay attention to the financial details. Check out our Bankroll Management section for help on how to make money, keep it and keep making more. 

Finding Overlays and avoiding Rake are two other components to financial success in Daily Fantasy Sports.

Though some are similar, each site independently chooses the amount of rake they will take from each Daily Fantasy contest prize pool.

You can get an overview of who is charging the most, and who is offering the best rake deals in our Site Review Section.

The bottom line is that Research is the key to success in Daily Fantasy Sports. Fortunately for you, you are at the right Daily Fantasy instructional site.

As I mentioned earlier we will do most of the work for you. All you have to do is go to the Strategy section of our site and you’ll get daily plays, sleepers and who to avoid along with much more.